PP – Polypropylene

PP has a high surface gloss and surface hardness which makes it very useful. When it is thin it can be part transparent. Can withstand temperature between -40°C and +120°C. Can be machine-washed.

PELD – Polythene LD (Low density) and PELLD (Linear Low Density)

A soft and tough plastic which has a hint of milk colour before colour/master batch is added to the material. It belongs to the family of plastics which can withstand chemicals very well and does not absorb odour. Can stand temperature between -40°C and +75°C. Can be machine washed in +50°C with exception of our thinner designs of boards which may warp when used in the dishwasher. The board should be put upright in the dish washer and it is an advantage to store the board flat directly after it has been dish washed to avoid warping.

PEHD – Polythene HD (High density)

A stiffer and harder plastic compared to LDPE otherwise with very similar characteristics. Can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +90°C. Can be machine-washed.

SAN – SAN-plastic

Transparent and tough against impact. Strong and withstands chemicals very well. Can withstand temperatures between -40°C and +90°C.Can be machine-washed in +50°C and as always it is an advantage to use the basket in the top of the dish washer to make sure to not be close to any heating elements.

ABS – ABS-plastic

Very tough against impact and strong plastic with high surface gloss. Can stand temperature between -40°C and +105°C. Can be machine washed.

TPE – Termoplastisk Elastomer

TPE is similar to rubber material in its characteristics but with thermoplastic advantages. This gives a fantastic, flexible, effective and recyclable material compared to natural rubber which cannot be recycled. The plasticizer in the TPE we use is paraffin oil, which is used to produce candles and can also be found in some hygienic articles and is therefore totally harmless. If a product, which is produced of TPE, is incinerated instead of being recycled in can be compared with burning a candle. This can be compared with articles which are produced with PVC which is a plastic which can contain phthalates that are hazardous for the human bodies and can also contain substances which pollute the environment.


Silicon is different from rubber polymers because it contains molecular chains of silicon and oxygen atoms. This inorganic structure makes the material very resistant against high and low temperature and also against ozone and ageing. The chemical resistance is good. Can stand temperature up to 235 Celsius. Can be machine-washed.


This material is very strong material which can withstand most chemicals very well but not strong acids and bases. It can stand high temperatures up to 260 Celsius. Can be machine washed.

EMA Ethylene and methyl acrylate

EMA is a copolymer between polythene and methyl acrylate. With higher proportions of methyl acrylate the materials elasticity, gloss and transparent increase. Can be machine-washed.