DaloLindén AB develops and manufactures household utensils and other products for kitchens and homes, as well as for professional users such as restaurants and commercial kitchens. A merger of several companies means that we are currently located in three Swedish cities: Gnosjö, Motala and Värnamo. We also have a U.S. subsidiary in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We produce our own stainless-steel products in Motala and plastic products in Gnosjö. Our remaining products are purchased from suppliers near and far of our facility in Värnamo. With a range well known to both professionals and home users, we have formed a close and long-lasting customer relationship with two strong brands: Daloplast and Lindén.

We manage a legacy of timeless products dating back to 1932. Our customer-focused organization offers high product quality and service level, making us competitive in our market